El Clasico: What you Need to Know and Prediction

El Clasico is so popular because this rivalry match never seems to disappoint. This time should be no different as the stakes are high, interesting story-lines have been emerging surrounding the game, and it’s another chance for us to see arguably the two best players in the world battle it out once again: Messi and Ronaldo. The game is April 23rd, 2017 at Real Madrid. The time of the game will be 7:45 p.m. BST or 2:45 p.m. EST.

With only 6 Match Days left in La Liga’s season, and Real Madrid already being 3 points ahead of Barcelona, this game is crucial. On top of this, Real Madrid has played 1 less game. If Barcelona loses, or even ties, then their odds of winning La Liga this year look slim. This match is crucial for sure. Now whether or not the fact that Real Madrid also needs to worry about the Champions League affects them, we will soon see.

The largest story-line that has appeared, is that of Neymar’s suspension. In a previous game, Neymar received a red card and 3 game ban that subsequently means he will miss this game. Barcelona appealed the suspension, but their efforts seem to have failed as thus far the suspension is being upheld. Losing a superstar who has proven to be Messi caliber, may cost Barcelona this match. Another story-line that has appeared is that it seems Gareth Bale of Real Madrid looks like he has recovered from his injury just in time to play in El Clasico. Between Neymar’s suspension and Bale’s recovery, things do not look great for Barcelona.

Now if there is something we should definitely see out of this match, it will be another great showdown between Messi and Ronaldo. As Ronaldo gained a target and Messi lost one, I give him the edge, though when the players are of this caliber, who knows. I predict both will score.

My match prediction is that Real Madrid will pull off a 3-1 win. I also assume Ronaldo will end up being the Man of the Match. A final prediction of mine is that this will be another great El Clasico.

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