Preview of the 2017 Champion’s League Final

Juventus and Real Madrid prepare to face off in this year’s Champion’s League Finals on June 3rd. If you live in a region currently utilizing Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT), then you can watch this match at 2:45 p.m. on many different channels: BT Sports (Great Britain), FoxSports (USA), beIn Sports (France, Spain, Australia, Philippines, Oceania Countries, and more), TSN (Canada in English), RDS (Canada in French), and more.

To begin with, let’s consider the match details of Juventus vs Real Madrid. Their match is taking place at the National Stadium of Wales/Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. As such it gives no team home field advantage, unlike the other stages of The Champions League. This stage of the competition differs from previous stages, also because there is only one leg. As such, it is winner takes all. The likely captain of Juventus for this match is their current captain Gianluigi Buffon. On the contrary the captain for Real Madrid will likely be their current captain Sergio Ramos.

Now, some of the recent Champions League successes for Real Madrid are their two recent Champions League titles: 2014 and 2016. Just last year Real Madrid was lifting the title. On the other-hand, Juventus hasn’t won the Champions League sense 1996.

Finally, for the prediction. This year we don’t think we will see the same team win the competition. Juventus is our pick for the 2017 Champion. After all, they have not lost a single game in this competition, and have only allowed 2 goals throughout it. Real Madrid on the other-hand has lost, and as recent as last game. Now, I know it is a controversial pick seeing as Ronaldo has never lost to Buffon, but I feel Buffon will finally get his triumph. With the offensive power of Paulo Dybala, and the goalkeeping brilliance of Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus is ready to lift the trophy.

On June 3rd, we will be covering minute by minute occurrences in the game. So, if you are unable to watch the game and still want live coverage, then we are there for you.

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