The History Of Futbol Part 3

The first competitions…

Many other milestones were to be followed. The FA Cup (Futbol Association Cup) was the first vital game as it was played in 1871. The following year a game between two teams which are national was to be played for the first spell. The futbol match was between the countries; Scotland, and England. It ended a draw. The first tournament which was international occurred in the year 1883, and it was comprised of four national teams: Wales, England, Scotland, and Ireland

For an extended period, Futbol was considered a British phenomenon, but it steadily spread to some other European countries. Argentina was where the first game not in Europe is said to have took place. It occurred in the year 1867, whereby foreign British workers were involved, while excluding Argentinean citizens.

The FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Futbol Association) was started in the year 1904, followed by a foundation act which was signed by the representatives from nations like Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, France, and more. England, and some other British countries, however, never joined FIFA in the beginning as they had discovered futbol, and therefore they saw no need to subordinate an association. They decided to adhere to the association the year that would follow but would not participate in World Cup till the year 1950. Domestic leagues took place in various countries; the first league being the English Futbol League that was established in the year 1888. These leagues would extend by more divisions based on a performance of the team. In the year 1908, world futbol was made an official sport for the very first time in the Olympic events. The Olympics was seen as the premiere futbol tournament for a while, this ended after the first phase of FIFA World Cup which was played in the year 1930. 58 years later, the chance at glory was given to the women players of the world, as in 1988 the first women’s world cup occurred.

Black players

As it is the case with many other sports, white males were predominant over an extended period. Black futbol players were involved comparatively early, and as compared to tennis, futbol was well known as being a sport having a mix of white, and black players. Andrew Watson was the first famous black player in Britain. In the 1880s, he played his first game in Scottish club Queen’s Park.

Like that the early stages of competitions and the majority of racism in futbol was over. Though, the story of futbol was definitely not done yet. We have 1 other parts for the history of futbol. If you are interested in learning more you can now move onto part 4 where futbol sees the final ways futbol became what it is today

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