Liga Mx Finals: Guadalajara vs Tigres UANL

After watching Tigres UANL and Guadalajara advance through the quarter-finals, and semi-finals they met up in the final. Their first leg match ended 2-2. This means everything in the past is behind both of these teams, and it is win or go home. If they end up playing as evenly as before, then we will be able to see the beloved or in other cases dreaded penalty shoot-out.

Guadalajara had a very good season finishing 3rd. Tigres on the other hand has been a Cinderella story as they were the 7th ranked team. As this tournament only features 8 teams they were very close to not making it. Sadly, I don’t think this grand run for Tigres will continue as I predict Guadalajara a 2-0 win. They just have played better this season, and I predict this final will showcase that. It also doesn’t hurt that this match is in their home stadium.

Without further ado the match….

Kickoff- Guadalajara begin with possession.

1st minute- Guadalajara fire off this game’s first missed shot.

2nd minute- Tigres get our game’s first free kick after Guadalajara foul them a little outside the box.

3rd minute- This free kick is unsuccessful in providing Tigres an early lead.

5th minute- Guadalajara’s player goes down during a counter-attack, but isn’t rewarded a free-kick.

7th minute- After a few minutes of possession going back and forth Tigres receive a free-kick.

8th minute- Tigres attempt their first shot, but also come up empty.

9th minute- A foul is called in the box that loses Tigres its strong attack.

11th minute- The trend of possession changing through fouls continues, as through this Tigres gains the ball back in this same manner.

13th minute- With the ball rolling in the box a Tigres forward and the Guadalajara’s goalkeeper ran out to get it resulting in the goalkeeper diving on it and the forward tripping over him no foul called.

14th minute- While arguing with the referee about the call Javier Aquino of Tigres was given a yellow card.

17th minute- Goal, Alan Pulido of Guadalajara struck it in the back of the net. Guadalajara now hold a 1-0 lead.

23rd minute- Tigres wins a corner, though doesn’t capitalize on it.

25th minute- Guadalajara wins a corner, then also fails to capitalize it.

28th minute- Tigres barely miss the back  of the net, resulting in a goal kick for Guadalajara.

31st minute- A tackle that very much seemed like it was a foul went uncalled.

33rd minute- After a good possession Tigres gets a little room in the box, but fails to turn it into a goal.

34th minute- Guadalajara pass the ball back to their goalkeeper, though he messes up. A Tigres player runs to take advantage, but fails to take the ball past the now on the floor keeper and as such the goalkeeper snags the ball back-up.

36th minute- Guadalajara gets the ball back in their box, and clears it out. Directly followed by a Tigres’ player colliding with him. Both players are laying down injured.

39th minute- After being treated by the medical staff both players will play on.

42nd minute- Tigres are rewarded a free kick that is cleared.

43rd minute- While in the box a Tigres’ player attempts to pass it through, but accidentally kicked it out after hitting it with the other foot right before the kick.

45th minute- Tigres have another one of their players go down in the box without a call, and we are given 2 minutes of extra time.

Halftime- The referees blow the whistle ending the first half of play.

Halftime Statistics

Category   Guadalajara    Tigres

Goals    1 (17th minute)    0

Shots    4    6

Shots on Target    2    1

Saves    1    1

Corner Kicks    1    2

Fouls    8    6

Yellow Cards    0    1

Red Cards    0    0

Possession    54%    46%

Halftime Prediction

Based on the play of both teams, I expect Tigres to tie this game before the end of regulation. While, I still feel that Guadalajara will win my guess is that this will now happen after regulation. Though, with how bad Tigres have been shooting it wouldn’t be all that surprising if they end this game goal-less. I also predict 2 more yellow cards based on the amount of fouls and questionable tackles we have seen. With all this in mind their is one thing that I am very confident in, this game will be another great Liga Mx’s Final.

The game continues…

45th minute- Tigres kicks the ball off to begin the 2nd half.

45th minute- Tigres gets themselves another corner, but continues the trend of not converting on these types of attacks.

46th minute- Guadalajara concede yet another corner that yet again ends in no goal.

48th minute- Tigres just fails to get one past the keeper.

62nd minute- Guadalajara are given a free-kick not to far out of the box.

63rd minute- The shot is easily caught by the goalkeeper.

65th minute- Tigres sub out Hugo Ayala for Francisco Meza.

67th minute- After a great header by Tigres they just barely miss the target, as it barely flew over the bar.

69th minute- Guadalajara score their second goal after a strike outside the box deflects off a Tigres’ player allowing it to pass by the goalie, and score after ricocheting off the bar. Tigres have 21 minutes now to score two goals.

72nd minute- After shooting it, and having it deflect off a Guadalajara player and go out of bounds. The referee gave a goal kick causing, Tigres’ star Andre-Pierre Gignac to get in the ref’s face, and be given a yellow card.

73rd minute- Tigres sub out Luis Rodriguez, and bring in Damian Alvarez. Tigres hope that his extra energy may help their attempts to comeback and win.

75th minute- Another Tigres’ corner, though this time they came very close to a goal off it.

81st minute- Tigres take a free-kick but fail to get it to the goal.

82nd minute- After a tackle from behind, Damian Alvarez receives a yellow card.

84th minute- Guadalajara take their free-kick, but it is saved by the keeper.

86th minute- After a confrontation between two players, both Tigres’ Nahuel Guzman and Guadalajara’s Alan Pulido received yellow cards.

88th minute- Ismael Sosa of Tigres scores putting them only one goal down.

89th minute- Guadalajara’s Jose Vazquez received a yellow card.

90th minute- 5 minutes of added time are given.

91st minute- Tigres’ Ismael Sosa received a yellow card.

93rd minute- Angel Zaldivar subbed in for Orbelin Pindeda on the Guadalajara side.

Fulltime- The final whistle blew, Guadalajara win the Finals with an aggregate score of 4-3.


As predicted Guadalajara won the Finals after everything was said, and done. This year’s final did not disappoint though no matter who you were cheering for, between the 7 yellow cards, 3 goals, and the multiple fights between players there was loads of action. This is why I think Liga Mx is one of the most under-rated leagues out there.

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