Champions League Final 2017 Play By Play

After watching Juventus and Real Madrid advance through the group stage, and two legged knock-out rounds they met up in the finals of this year’s Champions League. The Champions League is the tournament featuring the top European clubs. If they end up playing as evenly as expected, then we will be able to see the beloved or in other cases dreaded penalty shoot-out.

While they are very evenly matched my prediction is that  Juventus will win. As, Real Madrid won last year, and there has never been a repeat. I don’t feel that this year will end this streak. On the other hand, I do think Buffon will finally defeat Ronaldo which is yet to happen, and this win would give Juventus the treble. If Juventus win our player of the match prediction is Paulo Dybala, while if Real Madrid win then we predict the player of the match to be Cristian Ronaldo.

Without further ado the match….

Kickoff- Juventus have the ball to begin.

1st minute- A great slide tackle by Juventus to prevent a counter-attack.

1st minute- Modrick draws the first foul of the game.

2nd minute- Juventus’ Higuain has his header saved.

3rd minute- Higuain has another shot saved.

6th minute- Juventus narrowly has their shot saved.

8th minute- Modrick gets the ball stolen while in Juventus’ box.

9th minute- Real Madrid are awarded a free-kick

10th minute- Ronaldo fouled in the box, but the foul goes uncalled.

11th minute- Paulo Dybala is given a yellow card for attempting to stop a Real Madrid player from advancing.

14th minute- Near their own corner flag Juventus draw a needed foul.

17th minute- A great steal by Juventus to pick the pocket of Cristian Ronaldo when he was right outside the box.

19th minute- After great passing outside Juventus’ box, Ronaldo strikes one perfectly to put one past Buffon. GOAL! 1-0 Real Madrid

23rd minute- Ronaldo dives in the box, but the referee rightly doesn’t call a penalty.

26th minute- BRILLIANT strike by Mandzukic to tie up the game. GOAL! 1-1

29th minute- Real Madrid could Paulo Dybala after he escapes their steal attempt.

30th minute- Ronaldo attempts a bicycle kick but it is stopped by a defender.

30th minute- Sergio Ramos gets a yellow card after a poor challenge.

32nd minute- A cross travels in front of Ronaldo, so he dives head first to try and capitalize. His header goes straight to the left not even coming close to scoring.

33rd minute- Ronaldo while in the wall blocks the free kick with his arm, but it goes uncalled.

33rd minute- Brilliant job by Dybala to draw a foul in dangerous territory.

34th minute- Juventus draw another foul in attacking area after one of their players received an elbow to the face.

36th minute- Juventus receive their first corner despite the fact that it went off the Juventus player’s back heel.

36th minute- While trying to to head the corner Juventus foul Real Madrid.

38th minute- Mandzukic receives medical help for his injury, but stays on.

41st minute- Carvajal receives a yellow card  after coming down onto a Juventus player’s leg.

45th minute- 2 minutes of added time are given.

Halftime- The referee blows the whistle ending the first half.

Halftime Statistics

Category    Juventus    Real Madrid

Goals    1 (26th minute)    1 (19th minute)

Shots    8    5

Shots on Target    4    1

Saves    0    3

Corner Kicks    1    0

Fouls    10    13

Yellow Cards    1    2

Red Cards    0    0

Possession    46%    54%

Halftime Prediction

Based on the play of both teams, I expect these two teams to both score taking us to penalties. While, I still feel that Juventus will win I can’t say that I am extremely confident that they will do this in regulation. Though, with how good Real Madrid have played you definitely can’t count them out. I also predict 1 more yellow card for Real Madrid based on the fact that they have been very aggressive with their challenges. With all this in mind their is one thing that I am very confident in, this game will be a classic when it comes to Champions League Finals. No matter who wins the implications will be huge. As Juventus can get the treble and Buffon’s first win against Ronaldo, or Real Madrid can become the first ever team to win the Champions League two years in a row.

The game continues…

45th minute- Real Madrid kick-off the ball to resume play.

47th minute- A risky recovery tackle in the box for Juventus that luckily for them, worked out. From this Real Madrid receive a corner.

49th minute- Bonucci of Juventus after being looked out will be staying on the pitch.

50th minute- Juventus with advantage after late tackle to Dani Alves.

52nd minute- Kroos of Real Madrid receives a yellow card for stomping on the feet of a Juventus player without cause.

53rd minute- Buffon gets his first save of the game, after Modrick took a shot at him from right outside the box.

55th minute- Gareth Bale starts to warm-up. Will his local fans hear at Wale’s National Stadium get to see him play?

60th minute- Casemiro shoots a deflected shot from about 30 yards out. GOAL! 2-1 Real Madrid

63rd minute- After a cross near the 6 yard box Ronaldo runs up a hammers it into the side netting. GOAL! 3-1 Real Madrid

65th minute- Yellow card given to Juventus’ own Pjanic, after he throws the ball at a Real Madrid player.

65th minute- Juventus sub in Juan Cuadrado for Adrea Barzagli, in hopes that his fresh legs might help lead a comeback before it is to late.

69th minute- Alex Sandro of Juventus recieves a yellow card for his poor challenge.

69th minute- Juventus sub in Claudio Marchisio for Miralem Pjanic.

71st minute- Juan Cuadrado gets a yellow card of his own after his tackle narrowly misses the ball.

76th minute- Real Madrid sub in Gareth Bale for Karim Benzema.

78th minute- Juventus sub in Mario Lemina for Paulo Dybala.

80th minute- Juventus get a very dangerous free kick.

81st minute- Mere inches from making this game 3-2 as Juventus find their header go wide.

82nd minute- Real Madrid sub in Marco Asensio for Isco.

83rd minute- After a weak contact to Sergio Ramos after the play Cuadrado after only 18 minutes of play gets his second yellow card, and as a result a red. Juventus are now down by 2 goals, have only 7 minutes remaining, and are a man down. It is probably safe to call the match, but who knows.

89th minute- Rising star for Real Madrid Asensio perfectly places the incoming cross into the corner. GOAL! 4-1 Real Madrid

90th minute- The referee gives 4 minutes of added time.

Full Time- Whistle is blown for the final time officially crowning Real Madrid the champs.


Real Madrid have won the Champions League for the second year in a row. A feat that was yet to have ever been accomplished. This year’s final show cased just how much can change in a half. The game was also very action packed featuring 7 yellow cards, 3 goals, and the multiple fights between players there was loads of action. This is why I think Liga Mx is one of the most under-rated leagues out there.

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