Top 10 Futbol Facts that will Blow your Mind

Before we begin I got many of the basis for these facts via

Number 1: The 20 month old Professional Futbol Player

To begin the list we have a professional futbol player signed in Belgium’s league at the young age of 20 months. They noted that they decided to sign him due to his amazing footwork for his age. He is signed to a long term contract, so if he really does have the skill they think he will then this team will have gotten a bargain.

Number 2: Fifa > U.N.

Currently Fifa has more members then the United Nations. This is how beloved futbol truly is around the world. While there are 209 countries apart of Fifa, there is only  193 that are apart of the United Nations.

Number 3: War thanks to Futbol . . . Literally

In 1969, El Salvador was defeated in a match against Honduras. Usually that would be the end of it. Though El Salvador had different plans, as a result of the match they waged war.

Number 4: U.S.A. sure likes first World Cups

While many consider the U.S.A. as a team that has never truly had World Futbol success, the United States actually finished 3rd in the first ever Men’s World Cup. Since then they have never matched this success, but for one World Cup the United States were true World Cup contenders. On top of this, they won the first ever Women’s World Cup. Though based on the fact that even today the Women’s U.S.A.  team is number 1 in the world, this likely isn’t a shock.

Number 5: Likely a good choice to have skipped the 2014 World Cup

When you are hosting a huge event like the world cup you would think you’d want to show the best of your country. In 2014 Brazil for it’s 12 cities where all World Cup matches would be held, had picked of these 12 8 which ranked on the 50 most dangerous cities in the world.

Number 6: War has also ended with help form Futbol

After 5 years Ivory Coast’s civil war had ended. Now guess who is credited with brokering this cease-fire. If you guessed Didier Drogba–Ivory Coast International Player–then you would be right. After 5 years of war did the politicians end the conflict, no it was the athletes.

Number 7: Life ban over flopping a firework hit

Flopping is now thought of as a staple of futbol. Well, a goalkeeper for Chile got a life-time ban for flopping when a firework flew by him. He was their starter. It is safe to say Chile has probably been a lot more careful about when they flop.

Number 8: Futbol and War have a strong past together

We all know Pele was an amazing player. Though, you likely don’t realize just how good he was. To give you an idea, in 1967 a Nigerian civil-war cam to a halt because both sides wanted to see him play. I don’t even Messi could do this today.

Number 9: 1950, The year rain destroyed the World Cup Trophy

In 1950, the World-Cup trophy was still being made with a paper Mache like material. This meant that when they were presenting the winning team their trophy the rain withered it away. After all that they prepare to lift the trophy, and then it becomes a blanket of soggy paper on the pitch’s grass. Anti-climatic if you ask me.

Number 10: Survived a Tsunami, and later became a pro

In 2004, Cristian Ronaldo funded the education of a 7 year old survivor of the tsunami in Indonesia. The kid had been found wearing a Portuguese Jersey. That kid–Martunis– now plays professionally for Sporting Lisbon–a Portuguese Club–.

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