Quick Recap of How the Liga Mx Season Went

May 28, 2017 marked the final day of the season. After another great season we got to see another disappointing liguilla clausura for Tijuana, and a great final.

To begin our Recap, lets look into the top of the table for Liga Mx’s regular season. Now, the top 8 teams qualify for liguilla clausura, so even teams not quite in a regular league’s title race in are still in the running for Liga Mx. At the end of the regular season the 8 teams that qualified for liguilla clausura were final: Tijuana–finished 1st–, Monterrey–finished 2nd–, Guadalajara–finished 3rd–, Toluca–finished 4th–, Santos Laguna–finished 5th–, Atlas–finished 6th–, Tigres–finished 7th–, and Monarcas Morelia–finished 8th–. The team that just barely missed out on liguilla clausura was América.

In their tournament to decide who wins the title–liguilla clausura– Guadalajara, and Tigres made it to the final. This match ended in a Guadalajara Chivas 2-1 win. A 7th seed team was one game away from winning the league title. This final would be equivalent to if Manchester City and Everton battled it out to win The Premier League for the 2016-2017 season. The fact that this can happen is why many people are against leagues doing a tournament to decide the winner. After all, Tijuana finished first for the second season in a row yet has won the title neither of these years. Top

On the opposite of the spectrum, one team was relegated down to Ascenso Mx, and it wasn’t the team that finished 18th. Rather it was 16th ranked Chiapas F.C. due to the fact that in Liga Mx relegation is dependent on a team’s performance for the last few years. We will soon know who is to be promoted to fill the spot in Liga Mx.

We will likely look more in depth at many aspects of this season though for the time being, here are the major talking points. Though, let us know if you do or don’t want to see a closer look into other aspects of this season, and if so we will be sure to provide that.

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