A Quick History Of the Juggernaut that is Real Madrid

On March 6, 1902 the now dominant Real Madrid was created. At first it was named Madrid FC, but the now well known name Real Madrid was given to them in 1920 after King Alfonso XIII gave them the title of Real–which meant Royal–. Since then the name has stuck, and even today is the title for this club.

Early on a figure-head for the club was Julián Palacios. He was the club’s first president. As such, he created the grand work for this now great club.

Only three years from their conception, Madrid FC in 1905 began a 3 year La Liga title streak. The club’s strong start is definitely partially due to the coaching ability of their at the time coach, Arthur Johnson. This La Liga dominance wasn’t short lived as even today they lead the league with the most ever La Liga wins at 33.

By 1912 Real Madrid had taken a huge step towards improving their professional image, and also financial gains when they moved their team to the stadium, Campo de O’Donnell. They had a growing fan base, so upgrading to a larger stadium was a clear choice.

1912 also saw Santiago Bernabeu Yeste play his first games for the club. After playing for them until 1927, he would return 1943 in order to serve as their club president until 1978. During this time Santiago helped Real Madrid create its legendary international status.

The 1920s saw Real Madrid first move to Velódromo de Ciudad Lineal. Later during the 20s they moved to the Chamartín.

In 1956, the European Champion Clubs’ Cup was created–Later replaced by the UEFA Champions league in 1992–.  The first competition saw Real Madrid won. While the tournament was still named European Champion Clubs’ Cup, Real Madrid won 6 times: 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, and 1966. No other team has won this many European Champion Clubs’ Cups.

1992 saw the European Champion Clubs’ Cup’s name changed to UEFA Champions League. By 2017, Real Madrid has won 6 Champions Leagues. This is the same amount that they won when it was called European Champion Clubs’ Cup, even though it has been named UEFA Champions League for 10 less years.

In 2000, FIFA awarded Real Madrid as the top team of the 20th Century. An award that was well deserved.

2009 saw Real Madrid make a key transfer that has paid them back 20 times over. For £80 million, Real Madrid acquired Cristian Ronaldo from Manchester United. Cristian Ronaldo today is seen popularly as either the number one or two player in the world–Messi is the player often argued as better then Ronaldo–.

2017 has been a great year for Real Madrid. They won their most recent Champions League, and La Liga. Due to the fact that they won the Champions League in 2016, Real Madrid has become the first ever team to win back to back Champions Leagues–while this was done back when it was called European Champion Clubs’ Cup, after the name change only in 2016-2017 was this achieved–.

Now, the history of a team is very in-depth, and complex. So of course in this article we have only scratched the surface. As we find out more information on Real Madrid’s history we will continue to add information.

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