Is the Promotion/Relegation System Good?

Many fans in the past weeks have had their team relegated, and had to deal with at least a year in a lower league. As a fan it isn’t a great thing to go through. This team you have become connected to is now out of the elite.  Now, with the hardship this brings into play we must ask is relegation a good system?

To make the matter worse, your team will likely cut their spending while transferring out some of their best players. When you are in lower leagues that earn less, having a super-star doesn’t make sense for the team financially.

On the opposite spectrum by having a relegation system sending teams down their will be a promotion system sending others up. Seeing your team rise up to the top league, or even just a better league is great if you are a fan of the club. You have been a fan of theirs likely for years, and now for your loyalty you get to see your favorite club finally get promoted. Your team is now up with the bigger more well known clubs. Your team often won’t make it more then two seasons in that league before getting relegated back down, but for the time being it is great.

On top of this, the team is likely going to increase their spending. This means you will get to see higher class players on your team. When you are in the lower leagues you don’t get to experience this often.

With the ups and downs that this system produces, their is definitely an argument to be made about both sides of the argument. Now, pretty much every other country that isn’t the United States has their leagues in a promotion/relegation system. While EPL fans have to worry about relegation, MLS fans don’t. Now, it does go both ways as English club fans also get to see their teams promoted. MLS fans have never experienced promotion in their league.

Personally, like the article on how league title’s should be decided I am going on the side of the EPL, Bundesliga, etc. After all, when bottom teams play in the MLS it really doesn’t matter. On the other hand, in league’s where there is relegation their teams near future is on the line. This makes those matches more interesting. Plus, near the end of the year it is always nice to check and see  in some of the lower leagues who will likely promoted. MLS doesn’t have those interesting components. Though, I do feel in time the MLS will adopt this system. After all, they currently only have 22 clubs. If they had the number of clubs that other nations have, then I’m sure they too would use this system. As more and more clubs join the MLS I’m sure we will see a secondary league rise up.

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