Was Juventus right to ditch their last logo?

Since 2004 we had the now iconic oval logo with black and white stripes, the club name underlined in yellow, a crown, and a zebra standing. This year saw it changed to a “modern” looking J with Juventus written above it. Now whenever a club goes through a rebranding like this, we are inclined to wonder whether the change was good.

Now the 2004 logo utilized its former design, while improving its aesthetic. As such making it more modern, and keeping the club’s history with it. The new logo throws out what the club had largely been associated with.

On the other hand, as the logo had remained quite similar to its past versions it still could be argued as outdated. The new logo makes sure above all else to promote the club’s brand via a simplistic, modern look. Along with that, it would likely be easier for new fans to remember–as it is just the letter J–.

Personally, I like many other futbol enthusiasts, am not a fan of the change. I personally like the look of the former logo more, and as someone who has watched Juventus for a pretty long time, I too have associated Juventus with this design. Though in time I’m sure we will get used to this new one, and this dispute will be long from anyone’s mind. For, the new logo truly isn’t all that bad.

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