Ronaldo Outraged by Fraud Allegations, Demands Transfer

June 16th, 2017 saw Sky Sports report that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave the club Real Madrid. To be more specific, he would like to leave La Liga. This is due to the fact that he does not like how he has been treated by Spanish Tax Authorities. They accuse him of not paying around £15million in taxes.


Now Ronaldo is 32, and will come with a huge transfer fee–possibly the largest ever, though it wouldn’t make to much sense to spend that much on someone who is as old as he is–. He is definitely a great way of getting short term success, though at his age it wouldn’t be surprising if soon his capabilities as a player start to drop off. Of course, for the time being he would be a great way of helping your club win a title. After all, he is pretty much without argument either the best or second best player in the world.

Our two main predictions for where he may land if he does leave are Manchester United, or any Super League Club. Manchester United makes a lot of sense: he has played there before, and they recently have been sheeling out a lot of money transferring players like Ibrahimovic along with Pogba. Despite all these acquisitions by Manchester United they still haven’t found a ton of success. Meaning that just maybe they will be willing to shell out the cash to bring Ronaldo back home. The Super League also makes sense as the rich owners there have recently been overpaying super stars to go play there. He could always end up in the MLS, at PSG, or some other club though we doubt those possibilities will turn out true.

The same day as the story came out that he wanted to leave Real Madrid, an offer was made via twitter. It was by Hertha

This of course, is unlikely and seemed to just be a joke. Though, it is an offer none the less.

Odds are that he stays with Real Madrid however. Despite the fact that he said he wanted out it can’t be argued that he has had a large amount of success with the club, his £875millon buy-out clause is a steep barrier of entry, and that he is pretty old to be expecting clubs to spend a large part of their whole budget on him.

We still have a good amount of time left for transfers, so for sure this situation will keep interesting. Come the 2017-2018 season where do you think Ronaldo will be?

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