Confederations Cup Group Stage Match: Germany vs Australia Recap

June 19th saw Group B’s final two teams who hadn’t played a match–Germany, and Australia–, faceoff against each other.

The clear favorite for this match was Germany. The reason being, Germany according to Fifa’s rankings is the 3rd best national team in the world–based ranked out of every team in the competition–. Australia is at the spot of 48th, which puts a huge gap between these two teams. Also, you will have a hard time arguing that Australia have any  players that really match the World Cup winners. Germany should of had this all too easily.

Germany got the ball to begin the first half. After getting the ball in the box Lars Stindl, one of Germany’s midfielders, opened up scoring by getting a shot past Australia’s keeper–Maty Ryan–. Germany winning 1-0. During the 41st minute Australia got an equalizer, as Tomas Rogic got an out of the box shot past Bernd Leno–should of been saved–. Game tied  at 1-1. Like in the beginning of the game, Germany took the lead after mere minutes. After they drew a penalty Julian Draxler–German midfielder– scored his penalty kick for Germany in the 44th minute. Germany with the lead again at 2-1 While there were other events that took place in between these goals, and even after going into halftime these were the highlights.

Australia kicked it off to begin the second half. Hoping that he would help lead a comeback, Australia began the half by subbing out Massimo Luongo for Robbie Kruse. In the 48th minute after receiving a brilliant through ball, Leon Goretzka–German midfielder– scored for Germany. Germany with a 3-1 lead. By the 56th minute Tomi Juric, an Australian midfielder, answered back by scoring after Leno dropped the ball while going to the ground following a save. Germany now only led by 1 with the score-line reading 3-2. In the 57th minute hoping that it would help seal the win, Germany subbed in Timo Werner for Sandro Wagner. The 63rd minute saw Germany also sub  Niklas Süle for Julian Brandt. The 71st minute saw Australia try and help their comeback efforts after subbing James Troisi for Tomas Rogic. The 78th minute saw Germany use their last substitution to sub Emre Can for Lars Stindl. With their efforts not working out Australia tried to fuel a late equalizer when in the 87th minute they subbed Tim Cahill for Tomi Juric. The 90th minute came, and the match was over.

As Germany is a favorite, so in order to make it out of the group as they should this win was needed. Especially since Germany could easily lose against 4th place ranked, Chile. Group B should go to Germany, and Chile. Though, if Australia play at the level they did May 18th, then who knows.

The Confederations Cup still has a lot of matches to look forward to. We will be covering all the other matches, so if you are interested in what happens for each match but can’t watch them live, then we have got you covered. Big matches will be covered live with play-by-play–our play-by-play focuses on key moments, though a lot is covered–.

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