Confederations Cup Semi-Final Match: Chile vs Portugal Recap

June 28th saw the first Semi-Final Match-Up. Chile and Portugal faced off in this one.

The favorite for this match was Chile. The reason being, Chile according to Fifa’s rankings is the 4th best national team in the world. Portugal on the other hand, is ranked 8th. With two teams of this caliber, the match should definitely come down to end.

The game started to heat up following the 23rd minute yellow card given to Chile’s Gonzalo Jara. After only eight more minutes, Portugal’s William Carvalho got a yellow card of his own. The 43rd minute then saw another Portugal player, André Silva, receive a yellow card. This concluded the highlights for the first half.

Six minutes into the second half Pablo Hernández of Chile was given a yellow card. We don’t see another highlight till the 76th minute when Portugal’s Nani was subbed in for André SilvaThe 90th minute came, but both teams were still tied. Then the 83rd minute saw another Portuguese substitution–Bernardo Silva subbed out for Ricardo Quaresma–. Three minutes later Chile made their first substitution when they subbed out Eduardo Vargas for Martín Rodríguez. This concluded the highlights for regular time, though there extra time would occur as no team had gone ahead.

The first half of extra time included only two real highlights. One of the highlights was the yellow card given to Portugal’s José Fonte in the 96th minute. The other highlight was the 102nd minute substitution of João Moutinho replacing Adrien Silva. This concluded the highlights for the first half of overtime.

Now it was time for the second half of extra time. By the 111th minute Portugal’s Bruno Alves was given a yellow card. A minute later, Chile subbed out Pablo Hernández for Francisco Silva. When the 114th minute Portugal’s Cédric Soares was given a yellow card. Two minutes later, Portugal subbed in Gelson Martins for André Gomes. By the 120th minute Chile subbed in José Fuenzalida to replace Mauricio Isla. This ended overtime, but with no team in the lead penalties were to ensue.

The match’s first penalty would be taken by Chile’s Arturo Vidal. Arturo stepped up and scored. Chile now held a 1-0 lead. Portugal then sent Ricardo Quaresma to the spot. His shot was saved. For Chile Charles Aránguiz then stepped up for the kick. He scored, Chile now led 2-0. Needing something to change Portugal counted on João Moutinho to capitalize on his opportunity. João’s shot was saved. With the chance to make Portugal in a situation where they would not be able to make another mistake Alexis Sánchez was to kick for Chile. Alexis Sánchez converted the kick putting Chile up 3-0. Portugal could not make any mistake or they would be eliminated. Everything rested on Nani scoring his penalty. His shot was saved eliminating Portugal.

With this win Chile advances to the Confederations Cup Finals.

The Confederations Cup still has three more matches to look forward to. We will be covering all the other matches, so if you are interested in what happens for each match but can’t watch them live, then we have got you covered. Big matches will be covered live with play-by-play–our play-by-play focuses on key moments, though a lot is covered–.

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