Hi, we have just begun a merchandise campaign You can check out our items for sale by following this link New designs will be coming out in the following few days, as the designs we are having made are still under-development. So the current line out is very simplistic, however is still high quality.

Now my first merchandise campaign will end Wednesday or Thursday.

We have two types of hoodies available–one higher quality then the other material wise–, and 2 types of normal tees–again one higher quality then the other material wise–.

If you have any requests for a new line, or any comments about our merchandise in general feel free to contact us via the contact page above.

Here are images of our current merchandise

Canvas Poly-Cotton Hoodie-$35


Gildan 8oz Heavy Blend Hoodie-$25


Premium Tee-$20


Hanes Tagless Tee-$15